Kings County COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard

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Last Updated: May 19, 2022 

*Notes/Disclaimer: Vaccine coverage shown on the map includes the incarcerated population within the total population estimate, but does not include the number of prisoners vaccinated; this drives down the overall vaccination rate listed in some areas. Additionally, the data does not include federally administered vaccines. As a result, vaccine coverage is under-reported, most noticeably in Avenal (Avenal State Prison), Corcoran (Corcoran State Prison and Substance Abuse Treatment Facility), and Lemoore (Naval Air Station Lemoore).  A more accurate reflection of community vaccine coverage is provided below for reference.

The vaccine coverage rates have been updated to include the newly eligible 5-12 population. Overall vaccine coverage has decreased due to this increase in the vaccine-eligible population. The actual number of residents vaccinated has not changed.


Vaccine Dashboard Changes:

  1. The dashboard now displays Kings County residents vaccinated (previously the dashboard included vaccines administered to Kings County residents and vaccines administered by Kings County providers).

  2. The story view (scroll bar) was removed to accommodate mobile viewing.

  3. Total of vaccinated residents now includes data of residents with a booster dose.