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What is Edible Food Recovery?

Food recovery involves collecting excess edible food and

distributing it to those in need, reducing food waste and

addressing food insecurity. California, in particular, can benefit greatly from redistributing surplus food as it helps conserve resources and decrease landfill waste. To combat food insecurity and waste, it's important to redirect safe, excess food to food banks, soup kitchens, and other food recovery organizations that assist Kings County residents in need.

To reduce food waste and help address food insecurity, Senate Bill 1383 requires that by 2025 California will recover 20% of edible food that would otherwise be sent to landfills, to feed people in need. The law directs the following: 

  • Jurisdictions must establish food recovery programs and strengthen their existing food recovery networks

  • Food donors must arrange to recover the maximum amount of their edible food that would other wise go to landfills

For more information of Senate Bill 1383 and Edible Food Recovery, visit CalRecycle

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Donating Edible Food

Donating Edible Food is easy and the following resources may help businesses with their food recovery efforts.


Commercial Edible Food Generator Donation FAQs

Legal Protections for Donors

Food Delivery
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Edible Food Recovery Organizations


Accessing Food

2-1-1 Kings County maintains a monthly list of free food distribution sites throughout the County.

View the monthly calendar below. 

Education and Resources

Check back for education and resource materials for jurisdictions and community members! 

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