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Edible food recovery

Food recovery means collecting edible food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributing it to feed people in need. This is the highest and best use for food that would otherwise go to waste. Feeding hungry people through food recovery is the best use for surplus food and a vital way for California to conserve resources and reduce waste thrown in landfills. To reduce food waste and address food insecurity, surplus food still safe for people to eat should instead go to food banks, soup kitchens, and other food recovery organizations and services to help feed Kings County residents in need. This will save landfill space and lower methane emissions, a climate super pollutant, emitted by organic waste in landfills.

donate edible food

Donating Edible Food is easy and the following resources may help businesses with their food recovery efforts.


Edible Food Recovery Organizations

Commercial Edible Food Generator Donation FAQs

Legal Protections for Donors

Shopping Basket
Bread and Cheese

access food

211 Kings County maintains a comprehensive list of free food distribution sites throughout the County, including a monthly calendar with times and locations.

Food Services - 211 Kings County

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