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covid-19 guidance FOR businesses & eMPLOYERS 

Business Reporting Requirements:

Businesses are required to report when a worksite has three or more COVID-19 cases within a 2-week period.  These Cases MUST be reported using the Shared Portal for Outbreak Reporting (SPOT):

State COVID-19 Workplace Requirements

Resources to help create a safer and healthier workplace


On December 15, 2022, Non-Emergency COVID-19 Prevention Regulations were adopted and will become effective in the month of January 2023 once approved. The COVID-19 Preventions Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) will remain in effect until new regulations become effective. 

Employer Vaccination Toolkit

Request a mobile vaccination site, review vaccination standards and best practices

Employer COVID-19 Testing Programs

The California Testing Taskforce supports community organizations and businesses seeking to run

in-house COVID-19 testing. 

Federal OSHA Emergency temporary standards (ETS)


For businesses with any questions regarding COVID, please contact us at or the Kings County Department of Public Health: (559) 584-1401.

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