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Comprehensive perinatal services program (CPSP)

The Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) provides a wide range of culturally competent services to eligible pregnant women, from conception through 60 days postpartum. In addition to standard obstetric services, women receive enhanced services in the areas of nutrition, psychosocial and health education.


  • To decrease the incidence of low birth weight in infants.

  • To improve the outcome of every pregnancy.

  • To give every baby a healthy start in life.

  • To lower health care costs by preventing catastrophic illness in infants and children.

Pregnant Woman and Partner

CPSP Lunchbox Seminars:

A this time we are not holding in person seminars. Stay tuned for when we do. 


Provider & Billing Information

For more information about CPSP or on becoming a provider please contact the Perinatal Services Coordinator at (559) 852-4591.

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