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How does Monkeypox (MXP) spread?

MXP spreads in different ways. The virus can spread from person-to-person through:

  • Touching items (such as clothing or linens) that previously touched the infectious rash or body fluids

  • Respiratory secretions, such as saliva, during prolonged, face-to-face contact or during intimate physical contact, such as kissing, cuddling, or sex.

  • Pregnant people can spread the virus to their fetus through the placenta


It’s also possible for people to get MPX from infected animals, either by being scratched or bitten by the animal or by preparing or eating meat or using products from an infected animal.


MPX can spread from the time symptoms start until the rash has fully healed and a fresh layer of skin has formed. The illness typically lasts 2-4 weeks. People who do not have MPX symptoms cannot spread the virus to others. 

For more information visit  MPX Home Isolation Guidance for the General Public (

If you suspect that you have been exposed to someone with MPX or have related symptoms call the Kings County Department of Public Health 559-584-1401.

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